Here are the Top 15 sites that will help you improve as a software developer

#1 Stackexchange

You probably know Stackexchange’s most popular site — Stack Overflow. But you may not know that Stackexchange has much, much more to offer than Stack Overflow.

How Stackexchange will help you improve:

✮ Inquire, learn and improve through public and private Q&A boards on the latest tech and engineering best practices.
✮ Over 3.3 Million questions answered in the past year.
✮ It’s the world’s largest programming community (and growing).

#2 GitHub

GitHub doesn’t need an introduction. In 2018, GitHub reached a milestone of 100 million repositories and is home to 50 million developers worldwide.

How GitHub will help you improve:

✮ Free access to millions of open source projects.
✮ Includes a Learning Lab with free courses, guides and learning materials.
✮ Collaborate with developers from around the world on open source projects.
✮ Use your GitHub like a portfolio to show off your work.

3) Medium

Medium is a blogging, news and overall content site. You can find articles, reviews and case studies on just about any topic.

How Medium will help you improve:

✮ Follow the latest tech trends in one convenient place.
✮ Create your own content based on real-world experience or whatever you’re interested in.
✮ Learn about what’s buzzing in the development world, discover new techniques and best practices.

4) Hashnode


Hashnode is a true developer’s blogging platform. Run your own blog, own all of your content, and solidify your blog among the best with the help of SEO, analytics, and content management tools.

How Hashnode will help you improve:

✮ Follow and learn from the best developers.
✮ Create and share content to stay up-to-date with the latest tech.
✮ Hashnode hosts Reddit-style AMAs with the industry’s leading experts and teams

5) CodeProject

CodeProject was big a few years back. Now, it has been overtaken by programming community giants, but this site still churns out amazing content! Created for developers to share their experience and support each other.

How CodeProject will help you improve:

✮ Free in-depth articles on any programming and tech subject imaginable.
✮ Active message board you can post your questions on.
✮ Become a part of the nearly 15 million member strong community

6) Devdocs

When we were doing research for this article, we came across DevDocs. We thought it would be awesome to have all your tech documentation in one place. And so did our developers.

How DevDocs will help you improve:

✮ Access the most popular tech documentations in a simple, clean UI.
✮ Organize your tech folder so you can find what you need faster.
✮ You can make the documentation available offline to read wherever.

7) Google for Developers

Google for Developers is a website dedicated to helping developers get access to the information and tech documentation they need. Professionals from Google expand and improve the content regularly.

How Google for Developers will help you improve:

✮ Free access to informative, eye-pleasing guides, tutorials and documentation.
✮ Learn about technologies such as Flutter, Android, TensorFlow, Google Cloud, and much more!

8) Mozilla Developer Network Web Docs

The Mozilla Developer Network Web Docs (MDN Web Docs) is one of the best resources for learning about all things web. The guides, references and other material is some of the best. No fluff, no ads, just professionally-written content.

How MDN Web Docs will help you improve:

✮ Free in-depth guides on web technologies.
✮ Learn from top-tier engineers and a community of experts and enthusiasts.

9) Microsoft Docs (previously MSDN)

Microsoft Docs is your portal to every Microsoft technology and product — perfectly documented. In addition to the docs, this site has a learning section and a Q&A message board.

How Microsoft Docs will help you improve:

✮ Learn all of Microsoft’s technologies in one place.
✮ Access to documentation, learning materials, and a community of MS experts.

10) Channel 9

Channel 9 is a Microsoft-run site that hosts shows and has tons of video content. It’s mostly geared towards developers that work with MS tech.

How Channel 9 will help you improve:

✮ Discover tech shows and high-quality video content on the MS technologies you work with.
✮ Learn about cutting-edge tech from industry experts.

11) Udemy

If you’ve ever wanted to take a course on, well, anything, Udemy is the place to go. Some of the most popular courses are on development.

How Udemy will help you improve:

✮ Lots of free courses with no strings attached.
✮ Some of the courses offer certificates of completion you can use to improve your resume.

12) DZone

DZone is one of the leading websites offering programming and DevOps news, tutorials and tools. It started back in 2005 (with roots stretching back to 1997), and continues to be a credible source of tech news and research.

How DZone will help you improve:

✮ Free, unlimited access to all of DZone’s content (tech news, guides, reference cards, webinars, etc.).
✮ Join a global community of software developers.
✮ Learn from the industry’s best and brightest.

13) freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is exactly what the name implies — a place you can learn to code for free. While they do offer paid courses, their free content is some of the best out there.

How freeCodeCamp will help you improve:

✮ Learn at your own pace.
✮ Prepare for interviews with coding challenges and prep tests.
✮ Become a part of the community, share your experience and ask questions in the forum if you get stuck.

14) Miro

Miro is an online whiteboard platform. If that sounds dull, just imagine being able to not only hear and see your colleagues, but also collaborate on brainstorming sessions, stand-ups, planning and sprint meetings, and what have you.

How Miro will help you improve:

✮ Communicate with your team like never before using a host of whiteboard tools.
✮ Create a single source of truth for your project’s wireframing, user stories, and customer journeys.


Miro is free for personal use and costs money if you use it in a team. on the other hand, is free for everyone, everywhere.

How will help you improve:

✮ Create diagrams, charts and graphs for projects.
✮ Available offline when you don’t have Internet access.

What website did we miss? Write us and let us know!

Cover image credit: "Enter" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Thomas Hawk
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